Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Complete List of Fall 2015 Internship Applications (UPDATED)

Yep, it's that time again! Application season is upon us.

UPDATED: 7/10/15 

Want more info/ everything you need to apply....CLICK HERE. This includes resume tips, cover letter advice, interview how-to's, and even housing advice. 

This page will be updated when more applications are posted. I recommend bookmarking it. 

Most studio applications are due the first week of July to mid-August. However, I would reccomend applying now! 

Notes about FALL SEASON: Fall season is the least competitive season! However, there are WAY less internships and some of the major studios forgo all Fall internships. 

NBCUniversal Campus2Career Internship Program Fall 2015 (Apply by 8/1/15). 

This cycle the application is by business sector (like ABC). 

APPLY West Coast (LA)

-Broadcast Operations
-News Group
-Ad Sales
-NBC Entertainment
-Cable Entertainment
-Corporate Functions 
-NBC International 
-Parks and Resorts 

APPLY East Coast (New York City)

-Broadcast Operations
-News Group
-Ad Sales
-NBC Entertainment
-Cable Entertainment
-Content Distribution 
-Corporate Functions 


APPLY NBC Sports (Connecticut)
APPLY NBC Bay Area (San Fran.)
APPLY Maury, Springer & Wilkos Show (Connecticut)
APPLY CNBC (New Jersey) 

VIACOM Internship Program Fall 2015: 

Note: Viacom has a rolling application process. Apply ASAP. 

-NEW YORK CITY LOCATION : Apply here for the General Application (most departments, except for listed below)

            -General Application Not available yet. Check back soon.  

-CHICAGO (Ad, Sales, Marketing): Fall 2015 Application


       Fall 2015 General Application    Not available yet. Check back soon.  

-BURBANK, CA (Nick Animation Studio):
       Fall 2015 General Application    

Disney Internship Program. Fall 2015 (due 7/10 - 7/18).

Note: Disney Careers is always posting new internships! Check back every week.  

Walt Disney Studio Internships & ABC Internships (Publicity, News, Digital Media, Development, Programming, etc.) in New York & Burbank Apply here. 

Interested in Disney Parks/ Imagineering Internships in Anaheim, Orlando, and Glendale? Click here.

SONY Internships. Fall 2015. NY/LA/CHICAGO

There are internships in Corporate, IT, Televison Creative, Home Entertainment, Motion Picture, Acquistions, Fiance, Development, PR etc.

Not available yet. Check back soon.  

Fall 2015 Internships in Time Warner Properties (LA/ NY/ ATLANTA). 

CONAN FALL 2014 Internships (due July 30th!)- LA

Apply here.  Unpaid. 

FOX/ National Geographic Channel Internships. Fall 2015

California Internship Program Fall 2015, apply here. 

New York Internship Program Fall 2015, apply here.   

National Geographic Channels, D.C Fall 2015, apply here.  

Lionsgate Internships. Spring 2015 (Santa Monica/ New York)- Apply by 6/31/15 

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