Monday, March 30, 2015

Best of Entertainment Careers (Summer Internships): March 23-30

Still looking for a Summer 2015 internship?

In semi-weekly "when I remember" feature, here's the most promising postings of this past week.  

Note: This is the result of my best judgement after evaluating their listings. I cannot guarantee these companies treat their interns with respect. 

For The Cable Fanatic who needs the "Name":
Summer Intern-Original Programming      Showtime  3/27
Summer Intern Finance & Accounting(MBA)       A+E Networks  3/23

Hands On No Coffee Development Internship:
Summer Intern                     Color Force 3/23
Films: Development Intern    CBS Films 3/20

For the People that Buy into the whole you have to work in an Agency...thing:
Intern- Talent Agency                                 Mavrick Artist Agency 3/27

For the Future Casting Director
Casting Intern      Judy Henderson Casting  (NEW YORK)  3/26 

For someone looking for an Industry Crash Corse
Intern Programming & Product Development       Confidential (on Universal Lot)  3/25

The Editors in the House
Post Production Intern      All Def Digital  3/24
Post Production Intern    Mandalay Sports Media 3/23

For the Person Who Did High School/ College Theatre
Stage Dept.                    Confidential  3/23

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    Do you have any tips and suggestions for INTERNATIONAL students and recent graduates?



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