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FREE RESUME: Happy Holidays from THID


As a belated Christmas present and as a celebration of our one year anniversary, I designed a FREE (usually $10!) word resume for friends of The Hollywood Intern Diaries. 

Change the font, change the colors, or leave it as it is - it's all yours! 

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Friday, December 26, 2014

TREAT YO SELF: Business Casual Appropriate Shoes

You know the drill: no flip flops, scrappy heels, or exceptionally high heels. But what exactly is 'Business Casual Footwear?' 

Most heels are impractical for the high demands of Development, Production Management, and god-forbid Production internships. Even in other less strenuous internships like Entertainment Marketing and Digital Media, Interns spend a lot of time on their feet. With the amount of runs, meetings, presentations, and the often large distance from the Intern parking lot to the actual building you're working on, heels can be a painful investment.

So what shoes should you wear based on the demands of your Internship department? Glad you asked.

Also, sorry boys, get some leather converse and some broken-in dress shoes. As far as Business Casual goes, you're pretty much golden. This one's for the girls. 

Development Internships: Ballet Flats

Sam Edelman 'Felicia' flats. Online and at Nordstrom Rack.

(TV/ Film) Development Internships are notorious for the amount of runs, communal intern desks, and coffee and lunch pickups. However, unlike Production interns, Development interns are expected to adhere to a typical business causal dress code while remaining in motion and comfortable all day long.That's where Ballet flats come in. 

The Why: Once broken-in, ballet flats allow you to run, stand for hours, and look professional enough to fit in to the business casual environment. One good pair of ballet flats can be worn everyday of your internship and can even add that 'designer' touch' so important in the New York and LA entertainment industries. 

Where to Buy: Nordstrom Rack carries designer ballet flats from Sam Edelman, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Steve Madden, and Dolce Vita. Prices usually range from $20-60, up to 80% off the retail price. Although, a pair of the famed Tory Burch ballet flats can still set you back up to $150 - the most you will ever pay for anything at this department store outlet.

Tory Burch 'Reva' flats. Currently at Nordstrom Rack for less than $150.

Production Management Interns: Booties

Sam Edelman 'Petty' Booties in Putty. Can be found at Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Zappos, and Sam 

Production Management Interns often work in slightly more casual environments and their runs could take them anywhere: on set, law offices, delis, the NYC subway, groceries, and (my friend literally was sent here) a sex toy shop. Although ballet flats may still work, the on-set possibility can possibly basically eliminate them due to nails and other dangers not unnoticed by the First AD. Enter the trend of Fall 2015, the bootie.

The Why: Comfortable. Fashionable. Closed-toed. Can be dressed up or dressed down.

Where to Buy: Unlike Ballet flats, since Booties are very in style, they will set you back about $120 dollars on average. The best place to find these are online at Sam, Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters.

Production Interns: Boots 

Steve Maddens.
Production Interns often split their time between on set production and office pre-production work. The amount of time on set requires some heavy duty footwear. Although tennis shoes are okay, something more professional and/or fashionable may gain you some points among your co-workers. Ridding Boots and Combat Boots do just that. 

The Why: Boots are comfortable, supportive for all day wear, more Fashionable than Tennis shoes, and have closed/reinforced toes. They provided further protection against nails and heavy filming equipment. 

Where to Buy: Nordstrom Rack, Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden, Doc Martens, and most department stores. 

Digital Media and Entertainment Marketing Interns : Sperry Top Siders, Keds, and J. Crew Flats

J.Crew Flats, can be found at J.Crew and J.Crew Outlets.

Digital Media and Entertainment Marketing interns often enjoy a more causal office environment where individuality is embraced and encouraged. Sperry Top Siders and bright-colored Keds and J.Crew Flats can often be found. 

The Why: They are both comfortable, unique, and 'cute' with a wide range of fashionable yet causal outfits. 

Where to Buy: Nordstrom Rack, Journeys, J. Crew, Delias, and most departments stores. These shoes will set you back $30-90 dollars - yet often last for years. 

Sperry Top Sider 'Audrey', buy at Macys and Dillards.
Keds. Buy at Delias, Journeys, Nordstrom Rack, and Department Stores.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Debrief: Why the Spring 2015 Application Season Was Incredibly Weird

Welcome to the end of the Spring Application season. The major studio's have all extended their offers (except Sony) and many of you are already beginning the task of filling out the tiresome pre-hire paperwork. P.S. If you are with DisneyABC, try filling it out on a Windows- suddenly gets 85% easier. 

If you have not yet gotten an internship for the Spring, please turn your attention to Entertainment Careers

We are about to go over several reasons why you possibly didn't get an internship at the Big Studios and how and why things were so different this time around. 

An Abstention and a Late Adopter

First off, there was less total internships this season available to those willing to intern in California. Sony totally abstained from hiring interns this semester (see more info on the connections between Interns and the Sony Hack here). 

Lionsgate switched over to a Paid Internship program and became the last major studio holdout no longer! This wasn't particularly surprisingly as I gave them a year last June, although I figured they would wait till Summer. This is obviously an awesome move, but one not without consequences. Lionsgate used to hire more interns in more departments (i.e. Alternative TV Development and Scripted TV Development), now there is one to two interns in the entire TV department. 

Combined with the fact that Discovery Communications, TimesWarner, and Fox offered less total internships- there was less internships to be had. 

Early to Start, Late to Finish, and a Whole Lot of Waiting

ABC started recruiting early this year, earlier than ever before. I'm talking August/September. An aggressive Facebook and video campaign was topped with more applications than ever before. However, around October to November, all communication from ABC dropped off. Applicants are just now being notified.

They weren't alone. Discovery Communications started interviewing via recorded video in September. With second in-person and Skype interviews not happening until early December. A large gap of uncertainty that has been unparalleled in recent years. 

Fox just started interviewing for its Spring Internship program after accepting applications in September/ October. 

Surprisingly, Viacom and newcomer Lionsgate were more on the ball*. Having a second round (phone and survey respectfully) in October and final interviews in Novembers. Offers were given in early December. This ideal calendar was utterly dismissed by their competitors who seem to just have been overwhelmed with applications this fall. 

*I don't currently have any information on NBCUniversal. Although I have found that their HR is usually pretty on top of it. Please comment/email with your experience. 

I would like to say that this will change during the Summer Application season, which is typically longer. However, as they were overwhelmed with the number of applications for Spring, the nearly triple number of applications for Summer are unlikely to result in a quicker selection process. Be prepared for some serious waiting this summer. 

Push Back the Date for Offer Letters

Most offer letters are now going out in late December to early January, when they used to be released in late November to early December.

Did I mention Fox just started interviewing?

There are a lot of things wrong with this. As smaller production companies generally have a faster application process and you may already have an internship lined up by the time these larger companies get around to interviewing you. Or you will be freaking out during finals and holiday breaks that you haven't yet heard back from a single internship. 

The Increasing Implementation of Double to Triple Step Processes 

Long gone are the days of one in-person interview. A trend that started with Disney ABC and NBC Universal sending their HR persons on phone interviews to potential applicants, most studios have implemented a new tri- or dual-system of interviewing. These steps may include preliminary phone calls with HR, filling out worksheets, short essays, and even calling or emailing your REFERENCES. 

Yes, Lionsgate and other companies are now checking your references. To be prepared, make sure to have at least 2 solid references and 3 possible backups. These can be former internship supervisors or favorite professors. Just, let them know before that you listed them as references on the application and follow up with them if the company says they are contacting your references. You can even offer to write sample paragraphs if your references don't have time to answer the company's long questioner. 

These systems obviously take much longer than one step processes used by most entertainment careers listings. It also requires more data which can lead to the HR department becoming easily overwhelmed. 

Less Personalization 

For the first time in my entire life, I got a second interview offer letter with the starting words "Dear Applicant." This has generally been a "no-no" in the industry. However, the sheer amount of applicants for such few positions may have finally resulted in a less personalized interview experience. Seen in the implantation of worksheets and mini-essays now required by many companies (and always required by HBO, ironically). 

Final Thoughts

Although we can hope that these trends will not continue in the Summer Application Season starting in January/ February - the sheer amount of applications and the limited amount of spaces are likely to continue causing HR delays and "weird" application seasons. 
© No Experience Required Maira Gall.