Wednesday, July 30, 2014

INTERNSHIP POSTING: Valhalla Entertainment

Happy Wednesday ya'll!

We've got a brand new internship posting sent to us by the awesome production company of Valhalla Entertainment. They have a GREAT internship program and are super supportive of their former interns, check this webpage if you don't believe me. 

Public Relations Intern Needed!

Public Relations Intern needed at Valhalla Entertainment. We are the production company of "The Walking Dead", but we have new series and film projects in development. You would work directly under our Director of Publicity learning about marketing, press releases, social media, and event coordination. Photoshop is a must. We host lunches and field trips where interns can interact with industry professionals. Must receive college credit. Send cover letters and resumes to

Check them out and be sure to apply if it interests you!

Need help applying ----> Click here, duh. 

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