Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Having Trouble Keeping Track of Your Internship Applications? No more!

I know how hard it is to keep track of your applications, especially if you apply to ALL of the major studio internship programs.

Don't worry, The Hollywood Intern Diaries is here to help!

We have created a sheet (7 pages) that will allow you to track your application status at every company!

Features Include: 

  1. Checklist of Major Studio Internship Programs
  2. Customized Listings for Each Company
  3. Spaces to Track Application Status: Contacted? Called? Interviewed? 
  4. Spaces to Write Names of Interviewers (Very important!)
  5. Plenty of Black Tracking Sheets for Entertainment Careers listings
  6. Spaces to Specify which Departments and Locations You Applied To

What's the Use?

  1. Keep Track of Which Companies Showed Interest In You and those that Didn't
  2. Have all Internship Information in One Place
  3. Know What Departments/Job Titles You Applied For, Therefore Able to Research Them Before HR Phone Interview
  4. Plan for Which Location You Are Likely Relocating To
  5. Make sure you apply to all Major Internship Programs
  6. Keep you down to 3 Applications Per Company (never exceed this!)
  7. Keep Interviewer Names in One Place (for if you want to be reconsidered next season)
  8. Make Your Life Easier

Download here via Google Drive. 

Print out a fresh one for each application season. Update it. Keep it on your desk. Make your life easier!

Bonus Suggestion: Include Your Company Websites Usernames and Passwords

Write your username and password next to each company. Most of their careers system will require you to use passwords with different requirements, and you don't want to forget your password! You will use that for the next 3 years of application seasons.

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