Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Think Internships Are Only in LA? This Infographic Will Change Your Mind.

There's a common mistake that internships are only in Hollywood. I mean, after all, this blog is named the "Hollywood Intern Diaries" not the "Everywhere Intern Diaries." Even on this blog we tend to focus on the LA Area and maybe throw in some NYC internships when we get the chance (sorry Tisch!).

But internships really are everywhere! In this post we will teach you how to find an internship no matter where you live! 


In the US there are the 8 Big Cities for Entertainment (not including Radio, sorry Philly). Each with their own specialities, studios, production companies, news outlets, theaters, and other centers of entertainment.  Let's go over them all briefly:

  • LA- Film and Television Development. Popular Music. Digital Media Production. Sales. Studios. Award Shows.
  • NEW YORK- Film and Television Production. Daytime Television Development/Production. News. Theatre. Publicity. 
  • CHICAGO- AD Sales, Marketing
  • MIAMI- Latina audience TV Development and Production. 
  • NASHVILLE- Country Music. Country TV Development (CMT). Award Shows. Some Production.
  • SAN FRAN- Animation. Tech. Digital Media Production.
  • WASHINGTON DC- News. Documentary Development/Production.
  • ATLANTA- Television Production. News. 

Don't Live In These Cities? 

Don't despair! 

In almost every small town there is a local radio station, a broadcast news station (production or producer internship), a theatre (publicity internship, technical internship, costume internship), and a local paper or magazine (writing internship). These internships are great to jump start your career and will help you get an internship in one of these cities during the summer! 

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  1. Anonymous12/06/2014

    Connecticut also has NBC internships (Maury, Wilkos, etc) and WWE and ESPN.


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