Thursday, May 22, 2014

Learn How To Navigate the LA Freeway System

When deciding between Internships, keep in mind the location! As we say in LA, "Location, Location, Location!" 

It can take more than two hours to get across LA! Espically if you are comming from Orange County ,Long Beach, or the Valley. 

Here's the list of the easiest/ quickest places to get and intern in LA... and the worst.  Plus extra parking!

Burbank: Parking Easy
Glendale: Parking Easy
Los Feliz: Parking Easy
Long Beach: Parking Medium
Pasadena: Parking Medium

Anaheim: Parking Easy
Downtown LA/ Central LA: Parking Hard
Pomona: Parking Medium
East LA/ USC: Parking Medium

Santa Monica: Parking Hard
Hollywood: Parking Hard
Venice: Parking Hard
Sherman Oaks: Parking Medium 

Beverly Hills (the 405 is under construction and Wilshire Blvd is Hell): Parking Hard
Westwood (ditto)/ UCLA: Parking Hard

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