Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Best Of Entertainment Careers Internships: Feb 11th- Feb 18th

Still looking for a Spring 2014 or Summer 2014 internship?

In semi-weekly feature, here's the most promising postings of this past week.  

Note: This is the result of my best judgement after evaluating their listings. I cannot guarantee these companies treat their interns with respect. 

For The Artists:
Art/Design Intern       We Are Famous Creative 2/17

The Future Devils- I Mean Agents:
Intern                         Sheldon Prosnit Agency 2/14 (STIPEND) 

For the HBO.Go Lovers:
Summer Intern           Showtime 2/14 (PAID)

For the Producer and Fundraiser:
Development & Marketing Intern      Tribecca Film Institute 2/13 (DAILY STIPEND) 

For the Most Creative Person You Know:
Digital Production Intern       Super Creative 2/13

The Studio and Marketing Person:
Sales & Marketing Intern      Sunset Gower Studios 2/13

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rock That Interview: The Follow Up Email

So you got that interview? Congrats! Now the job is yours for the taking if you just follow the advice of our brand-new section "Rock That Interview"! 

When you shake the interviewer's hand at the end of the interview they might even say "Keep in Touch." Even if they don't, you should ALWAYS send a follow up email within 2 DAYS. And preferably 1 day. Unless of course your interview is on a Thursday,  then you must send it by the end of the day on FRIDAY.  

If you really want to impress them, send it from the parking lot as soon as the interview is done. It'll be the first thing they see when they sit down at their desk. 

Below is an example of a follow up letter I sent after an interview:

Dear John Snow,
Thank you so much for making the time to meet with me on Wednesday about the Production Intern position. I sincerely enjoyed meeting with you and learning more about MTV.

I can now more clearly visualize how I may fit in this position and in the office as a whole. I was particularly pleased at the prospect of being able to sit in on the editing process and give my opinion on which clips might speak to MTV's younger demographic. I feel that my past internships and production experience would allow me to go above and beyond the job requirements you stated in the interview and on entertainmentcareers.net

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you again for your time. I also strongly suggest you give House of Cards a chance, in my opinion it is just as good as Orange Is The New Black. 


Austin Carroll

The typical follow up letter should go as followed: 

Part One: Thank them for meeting with you. Say you enjoyed your time and gained something from the experience. You're an intern after all, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE LEARNING.

Part Two: Explain how you can now better see how you fit there. Show your interest. Then mention something you were especially excited about the prospect of doing. Briefly reinstate your qualifications.

Part Three: Invite them to contact you and that you look forward to hearing from them. Thank them again for their time. Then mention something your interviewer talked about in the interview (preferably something personal). You can see above that I obviously talked about Netflix programing in my interview.

That's all there is to it folks!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Unexpected Pathways: The First Step to a Big Internship

Ask anyone with an internship at Sony, Dreamworks, ABC, NBC, Paramount, or the like, and they'll tell you this wasn't the first internship they've had. Chances are, their ride to the top was full of random internships, jobs, and unrelated experience that spoke to the hiring managers at that company. Here are some of the most common:

BROADCAST NETWORKS (NBC/CBS/ABC/FOX): Intern at the Local News Station
The heart of the image and history of Broadcast Networks is news. Getting an internship at your local affiliate news station (even if you live in Kansas) can help you land a job at the network that supplies the programming.

PUBLICITY/ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING: Marketing Intern at the Local Theatre
The closest you can get to feature film publicity is the intro you get in press releases, behind the scenes, and even trailers by working at your local theatre!

ABC/DISNEY: Disney Cast Member
One of the most sought after internships is cake if you've already worked at the parks. Disney is huge on hiring their own! Consider applying for the Disney College Program if you don't live in Anaheim or Orlando. Or even working at the Disney resorts in Hawaii or the South.

APPRENTICES (Cinematographers, Production Designers): On Set Experience
This may be the only time that student films can land you anything. Having a kick-ass portfolio and a long resume of on-set experience will get you these- if you know where to look.

FASHION: Retail in clothing stores (i.e. Anthropologie, Nordstroms)

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